Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Wrapped Up in Sports, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization dedicated to making, collecting and donating professional sports teams-inspired quilts – using recycled sports apparel – to children in medical, social and mental-health need.

Our Vision:

We recognize that no matter how unfortunate their situation may be, the spirits of children are always lifted when cheering for their favorite sports team or rooting on their most valuable player.  We believe these hopelessly devoted young fans deserve to be comforted and have their spirits lifted not only on game days, but everyday. 

We believe our quilts can lift the spirits of these young fans because they represent the teams and players that they look up to and cheer for every season.

Our Organizational Values:


Children should smile, be loved, be comforted and have their spirits lifted everyday.


Quilts are a personal gift that provides comfort, warmth and love.   They are unique and have their own stories. The trade of quilting has transitioned from “domestic hobby” to a form of art.  Just like any form of art, Quilting is a skill where one may express his / her creativity and love of something.  We express our love of sports through our quilts and we make sure they are FUN, ENTHUSIASTIC AND CREATIVE!!

Bullet SPORTS:

Professional sports provide inspiration, encouragement and hope.  Sports make us cheer, scream, sing and SMILE.  The quilts we make, collect and donate are required to represent our beloved sports teams, because we recognize the positive impact professional sports teams and athletes have on children in need.


We value the caring generosity of quilters.  Without quilters willing to donate their time, skill and generosity, our cause would go nowhere.  Our Volunteer quilters and quilting guilds are our most valuable resource as they are and always will be the driving force of our cause.


We value the growth and prosperity of our community and continue to reach out to those less fortunate!


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