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A Message from WUIS Volunteer Eli Orkin

19 Dec

Eli Orkin, WUIS Volunteer:

As a former child leukemia patient who has been in remission for over twenty years, I am extremely aware of how various non-medical elements aided in my recovery. I was very lucky to have many close friends and family who loved and cared about me.

No matter how down I was or how melancholy my mood, I always looked forward to visits or cards from friends and classmates. I still have a book of cards that my classmates made, wishing me well. Another occasion I remember vividly was a day I was feeling particularly dejected, due to my medication and overall situation. A classmate brought me an adorable stuffed dog. I named him Hospibet because he made me feel better in the hospital.

Situations like mine validate how the quilts created by Wrapped-Up in sports are able to bring a smile to the face of any child whose condition is less than ideal. They not only deliver comfort, warmth, and a smile but they are wonderful mementos of the fact that there are people who care about their predicaments.



29 Oct

HUGE thanks to:

  • Terry Burris
  • Jill Whiffen
  • Ann Cummings
  • Janice Ewing

These rockstar volunteers have generously offered their longarm and midarm services to quilt many of our quilt tops waiting to be completed!

We appreciate your time and your service. Thank you!

If you are interested in volunteering with Wrapped Up in Sports please email us at

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