PROFILE: Hospitality Homes

24 Oct

Hospitality Homes

Who are they?

Hospitality Homes provides temporary housing in volunteer host homes and other donated accommodations for families and friends of patients seeking care at Boston-area medical centers. Since 1983, Hospitality Homes’ unique, home-away-from-home lodging option has provided a caring response as well as relief from emotional and financial challenges for these individuals and families.

What do they do?

Every year more than 260,000 people travel to Boston seeking treatment at some of the finest medical facilities in the world. With them come families and friends who lend support through what is often an arduous time in their lives. Unfortunately, many of these loved ones cannot afford the high cost of hotels in the Boston area.

That is where Hospitality Homes helps. Founded in 1983, we place families and friends in need of a place to stay in the homes of caring people who want to help.


In 1973, Doris Jones’ 18-month old daughter, Pam, needed an experimental form of cancer treatment. Within two days, she and her two daughters were on their way to Boston. There were no hotel rooms available, so the hospital placed them in a vacant office building. They slept in cots while Pam underwent treatment. In the meantime, Doris enrolled her older daughter in school, where she met Sue Gracey.

Years later, with a room to spare, Sue remembered Doris’ ordeal and opened her home to patients’ families in need of a place to stay.

Joan Biggers, Director of Patient Representatives at an area hospital, was just as disheartened at the plight of patients’ families. Daily she saw families sleeping in nurses closets, on floors, or in cars. Joan secured funding in 1983 to begin The Hospitality Program. She led the cause with Sue and Colin Gracey as well as the Rev. Jeanne Sproat and they began to make a difference. The Hospitality Program was born out of the resolve of these four to help families find comfort and strength through the hospitality of Boston area residents.

In 2002, the Hospitality Program was named Hospitality Homes to more closely represent the mission and the spirit of the organization. We continue to help thousands of patients and their families stay well by staying close together.


Contact Hospitality Homes

PO Box 15265
Boston, MA 02215





Wrapped Up in Sports 

Wrapped Up is excited to announce Hospitality Homes as their latest partner!


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