INTERVIEW: Blog Talk Radio Podcast

20 Jun

On June 18, Wrapped Up in Sports founder Kate McCullough was interviewed by Mark McCurdy, President of Non Profit Career Coach.

Mark is the “Social Impact Chef” and author of Strategic Volunteering: 50 Ingredients to Transform Your Life and Career.

He explores topics such as leadership, best practices, finding your passion and purpose, new strategies all helpful resources to accelerate your life and career. His guests include leaders in the nonprofit and social impact space, social entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers.

Mark speaks regularly on topics such as volunteering, finding your social impact compass, Life After AmeriCorps, careers in nonprofits, and career transitions.

Today we will be interviewing Kate McCullough, Founder and President of Wrapped Up in Sports. An avid sports fan and quilter, Kate was sparked with the idea to make and donate quilts representing the Boston Red Sox to the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Kate realized how much of an impact sports teams and their players have on these children. A visit from a player can change the mood of a child for an entire day and make him or her forget, even if only for a short while, that they have cancer. In her opinion, there was no better way to personally connect with these children than to give them a gift of their beloved sports team. Kate decided to broaden her idea to extend the cause to not only cancer patients, but children in need – being medical, social or mental health need. She researched other teams like the Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots, and learned of other programs for children in need such as homelessness and children suffering from drug and physical abuse. Want to get engaged and learn more visit


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