PROFILE: Elizabeth Stone House

10 Jun

Elizabeth Stone House

Who are they?

The Elizabeth Stone House is committed to countering the effects of trauma and breaking the cycles of violence and abuse—one family at a time. Through residential and community support services, the Stone House helps families heal and women reclaim control over their lives.

The Elizabeth Stone House helps women and families rebuild their lives after experiencing domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse and other forms of trauma.

The Stone House provides residential and non-residential programs, as well as an emergency shelter for those who are in immediate need.

What do they believe in?

The Elizabeth Stone House believes that violence against women and children can have devastating effects on mental health and self-esteem. Addiction and mental health issues can be coping mechanisms that develop from experiencing trauma and services that address recovery and healing must recognize the relationship these issues have with one another. The Stone House specializes in working with survivors of abuse and violence who suffer from additional mental health and substance abuse problems.

Simply providing a safe space is not enough to address the origin of the struggles that afflict women and children who are survivors of abuse and trauma. The Stone House works in partnership with women to develop practical, step-by-step goals that tackle the complexity of issues that each is facing.

The Elizabeth Stone House is dedicated to providing services that are comprehensive, multi-cultural, and humanistic and respect the dignity of each individual and family. The Stone House honors independence and knows that what works for one person may not work for another. The Stone House builds on the strengths of each individual and family and celebrates milestones and accomplishments on their road to self-determination and healing.

The Elizabeth Stone House believes that by helping one another, women can overcome obstacles that may seem insurmountable to each one individually. Peer support is one of the most effective ways to make and maintain changes in individuals, families, and communities, and is the foundation of the Stone House philosophy.

What do they provide?

The Elizabeth Stone House offers a wide range of services to families in our community as well as to women and children who live in our facilities. We have a team of advocates who work with women one-on-one to define goals and work toward them. All residents are assigned an advocate when they move in to our facilities, and all community members who participate in our programs are eligible for advocacy services if they need them. Our facilitated support groups help women overcome isolation and learn to rely on their peers, while providing substantive information that is useful in daily life. Our classes teach women and men personal, financial and parenting skills. Our transportation and child care subsidies make it possible for our adult residents to attend school or go to work.

Are you in Danger?

Are you or someone you know in danger?
We are here to help you. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911
If you are looking for a safe place in MA please call SAFELINK, the MA statewide 24 hour hotline at 1-877-785-2020.


Contact Elizabeth Stone House
SAFE LINK: (877) 785-2020
General Line: (617) 427-9801



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